Agas IT services

HaChatzav 1, Azur

A.G.A.S was established in 2004 and currently has over 70 employees, the company provides expert services in the fields of computing, communication, and information security to many entities, including: software companies, computing companies, computing teams in organizations.

The company develops end-to-end solutions adapted to the needs of the customer.

A.G.A.S's mission is turning technology from a challenge facing businesses into a competitive advantage.

To this end, and for over a decade, the company provides professional services and develops solutions for the unique needs of each and any customer. The company's professional teams offer support, dynamic solutions, and advice in a variety of fields.

·         Outsourcing and placement in the various IT fields

·         Planning, building and maintaining computing and communication infrastructures.

·         Planning and setting up computer rooms (Data Center)

·         Information security, risk surveys

·         Public / private cloud services

·         Managed services for Priority infrastructures

·         A.G.A.S in the Priority environment

AGAS, a systems services provider working with organizations in Israel and the world, specializes in ERP system infrastructures and especially in the Priority ERP system.

Over the years, AGAS has acquired much knowledge, partnerships and a rich experience with the software components including WMS (automated warehouse management), terminals, connected e-commerce sites, API links. These components brought with them many computing challenges that involve in-depth knowledge and familiarity (hardware, software, operating systems, databases, communication, information security survival, and more) AGAS provides maintenance, upgrading, data conversion, establishment and infrastructure characterization services for the Priority software to many entities, including computing companies, application companies, development companies, implementers, programmers from the market leaders.


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