Kibbutz, Ein Gev, 1494000

Planit is an optimization tool for production planning designed to run as an add-on to Priority.    Planit is an application generator, extraordinarily flexible and adjustable to many industries and verticals with built-in connectivity options.

Our automatic scheduling mechanism supports finite and infinite capacity planning, choosing assignments, and ordering combinations according to a weighted ranking formula.
Our flexibility enables our implements to meet the client's needs quickly and therefore become very attractive on project costs.

 With Planit, one can quickly create a good plan including all relevant time-based data, parameters, constraints, and priorities. With our flexible weight-based mechanism, we can adopt any environment, calculate the current state and ask the system for automatic schedule and optimization. Our visual views make it easy to trap exceptions, modify the program, test and simulate alternative plans.  

Planit is a complementary tool besides Priority- connected through direct API and has no other database but Priority. 

 Planit is an integrated lean tool that uses all Priority data objects, security levels, business processes and gives the client one robust yet flexible and visual planning tool.


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