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Hala.ai is an integrated AI-powered smart assistant that automates both IT and business processes instantly.


With the Hala.aicustomers can activate pre-built AI-powered Digital Skills within minutes for process automation in the most popular enterprise software (ERP, CRM, HCM) and business in general. We are continuously adding more Digital Skills into the Skills Store together with our partners to meet the requirements of the customers. For example, the process of creating a new sales order in Priority ERP is one Digital Skill. 


Hala.ai is applying One UI approach. Meaning end-users need to use only one interface for getting answers to the questions, creating new objects, making configuration, retrieving information from the backend or data source, getting a resolution for IT issues, getting analytics/dashboard, and many more. One place to perform all the daily activities.  


Our mission is to rethink how people work every day and provide them the opportunity to be more efficient with the support of the artificial intelligence technologies.


Read more at www.hala.ai


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