Toval 20, Ramat Gan

DOKKA is a technology company that has created a software platform which integrates with Priority to make your life as a business exec, accountant or bookkeeper even easier.

With DOKKA you will save time, and increase efficiency.

The DOKKA product includes:

* Automated accounting - DOKKA extracts data from your business documents and creates the bookkeeping entries required. Simply send your sales invoices, purchase invoices/receipts and bank statements into the software. DOKKA will analyse your documents within seconds and enter them into Priority with the click of a button. * Document Management - DOKKA is also a document management system, allowing you to link documents into bundles just like paper clipping physical documents together and even lets you add sticky notes to your documents. * Chat Collaboration - Have any questions about your documents when working on your accounts? Simply use the chat feature in DOKKA which will take you straight to the document that you need to speak about.

For more details about DOKKA, click on the product icon, and send us a message to discuss further.


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