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ConverSight is a SaaS B2B start-up based out of Indianapolis, IN. Its conversational intelligent platform uses Natural Language Processing and machine learning to converge the distance between humans and machines. ConverSight’s AI business assistant, Athena, connects distributed databases (ERPs and CRMs), delivering on-demand insights to direct your next move through 3 key functions: 1.) Information on Demand 2.) Proactive Insights and Dashboards 3.) Recommended Actions. ConverSight recognizes that large firms have vast amounts of data in many structures and formats which cannot be easily accessed by the end-user or combined in such a way as to provide meaningful insights. Efforts to integrate data from multiple sources and make data more accessible have cost companies billions of dollars while still relying on IT or “super users” to generate reports, restricting access to data or further slowing the process. BI adoption to date hovers at just 20%, resulting in 80% of business decisions being made without insights


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