Shipsnap app for real time management and control of delivery drivers.

Drivers receive a daily schedule for their work hours, without surprises and without needing paperwork, on an easy and convenient user interface.


Management of the distribution system and 100% proof of delivery on the computer.


Each delivery note or invoice supplied with the goods is returned to the ERP digitally signed.


The system splits locations between drivers based on geographical areas, traffic loads and times.


The system is located on a secure cloud, so that deliveries can be controlled and monitored anywhere at any time.


An SMS can be automatically sent to the customer before the driver arrives.

The built-in ERP software for delivery drivers on which customers sign documents that are sent real-time to the ERP with the customer signature.

  • The driver receives an orderly, timed daily schedule which takes account of his starting point, his destination, and other constraints.
  • The driver receives a list of tasks relating to the same delivery and anything else that is required.
  • Everything is sent to the system online. The driver does not have to send any signed documents back.
  • It is possible to take photos and type in comments. These are added to the document.
  • The driver can navigate to the destination and call the customer by pressing a button within the document.

The system also works in areas with no reception and sends the document as soon as the online connection is restored.

  • The documents are signed in the app, and filed in the relevant place in the ERP system.
  • Each document shows the name of the recipient of the goods, driver’s name, time, date, and point where the delivery took place.
  • The signed documents interface online with the ERP program.
  • Documents are stored on the server and can be backed upon the cloud for a limited time.
  • The organizer shows the driver’s daily route on a map, and the driver’s progress in real time.
  • The document can be sent by email to the relevant person in the office with comments for handling.
Cloud compatible yes
Device Desktop, Mobile, tablet
Vertical All
Version number 1
Release date May 1, 2023, 2:57:00 PM
Relevant Priority Versions 21 and up
Country All
Zoom Compatible No
Input language supported all Languages
Interface language English, Hebrew
Last update May 1, 2023, 2:57:00 PM
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