Digital signatures for an internal round of approvals gives full control of the process of document signing to the organization.

Any document/contract can be signed quickly and easily thanks to this friendly interface: define the authorized persons, place fields for completion and sign. The signed document is returned for filing in the digital archive on the local server or in the organization’s cloud. If anyone on the list has not yet signed, the system automatically sends a reminder.

How to do a paperless round of signatures?


A purchase order/agreement/certificate/price quote is issued for the customer to sign and sent via a link on an SMS, email, or WhatsApp message. The customer signs the order, and it automatically returns for filing in the digital archive. The signing process provides a simple and convenient user experience for employees and customers.

Solution for delivery notes with external drivers from DOCYCLE

Unique POD capability providing proof of delivery for external drivers without installing the app.

How can you prove delivery?


The driver goes on his delivery round with the goods and original delivery notes. When the driver unloads the goods at the customer site, the driver or the customer use their phone to scan the barcode stamped on the document and immediately a copy of the delivery note opens on the device. Finally, the client will confirm receipt of the merchandise.

The signed document is already on its way back for filing in the organizational ERP, automatically and with no paperwork.

The driver can report if there is any difference between the delivery note and the goods delivered.

The driver can also photograph the goods or any other document relating to the delivery. The driver’s GPS location when signing is saved in the system.

Signing documents sent to a mobile Android phone or IOS

One of the biggest problems with signing documents sent to a mobile phone for signing is the identification of the signer, since the documents can be very important, for example: insurance policies, employee details, purchase orders, contracts etc.