Save thousands of hours of work with the ERP automatic invoice reader.

Simply scan the invoice or email and the system knows how to recognize, analyze, and input the supplier invoice with all the detail rows directly into the ERP system, and attach the invoice as a PDF file into the input attachments screen without manual intervention.

By using a smart OCR system, the module can read, understand, and then open suitable supplier invoices in ERP.


It’s no longer necessary to manually open and type invoices into the ERP.

Our software uses an advanced OCR system that knows how to take a scanned document and decipher it, and then the system breaks down the invoice text into its various parts - supplier name, invoice number, detail rows, etc., and automatically opens the supplier invoice in ERP.

Secondary use - scan and automatically assign invoices.

Some of our customers use the system to save the time needed to scan and assign the invoice to the appropriate supplier in the ERP system.

After all the invoices have been inputted to the system, instead of reopening the supplier, scanning the invoices, and assigning them to the relevant place, the system will scan thousands of invoices per hour, identify the invoice number and automatically assign them to the right supplier.

This method saves the lengthy amount of time that is required to manually identify and assign the invoices.

Cloud compatible yes
Device Desktop, Mobile
Vertical All
Version number 1
Release date May 1, 2023, 2:30:00 PM
Relevant Priority Versions 21 and up
Country All
Zoom Compatible YES
Input language supported All
Interface language English, Hebrew
Last update May 1, 2023, 2:30:00 PM
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