Portable Signature Surfaces VPadTM


Portable Signature Surfaces VPadTM

The VPadTM signature surface is an intuitive electronic device which can perceive and embed a manual signature into a document. It is a monitor with an electronic pen which allows it to display both long and short documents in their original form. The user signs the surface just as one would use an ink pen to sign a piece of paper. The VPadTM saves the company the need to use paper for legal communications, thereby saving possibly tens of thousands of dollars.

VPadTM's characteristics

  • Receives the main biometric parameters of manual signatures.
  • Complies with international signature laws.
  • Handles documents and forms with several pages requiring numerous signatures.
  • Includes signature collection that verifies correct completion of the form.
  • 15” high resolution color screen.
  • Receives documents created by a local app or central server.
  • Compatible with PKI encryption infrastructure.
  • Easy connection to the organizational information system.

Stationary and Portable Signature Surfaces

This is the right solution for the organization if:

  • The organization creates large quantities of documents signed by customers.
  • The organization seeks to free itself from the costs of printing, scanning, and archiving.
  • The organization wants to save time when having customers sign documents.
  • The organization wants to ensure that it's paperwork is accurate.

Which type of organizations can benefit from ERP signature pads?

  • Organizations that produce a large quantity of documents signed by customers.
  • Organizations that want to save on printing, scanning, and archiving costs.
  • Organizations that want to save time when having customers sign documents.
  • Organizations that want to make sure that no document will get lost, and make sure their paperwork is accurate.
  • Organizations that want to reduce the risk of being sued.
  • Organizations that work with the general public.

Change to signature pads connected to the ERP and save space and time spent looking for documents in the archive.  Send every signed document directly to an internal system.


Instead of printing a copy of a delivery note, sending it back to the business after signature, risking errors or the loss of documents, and then filing the document - the mobile signature device enables you to get the customer’s signature and instantly and automatically file the document directly in the ERP, with no need for printing or manual filing!

The delivery driver loads his smartphone with all the deliveries he is due to make that day. He gives the original (manual) delivery note to the customer while getting him to sign the copy on the smartphone or tablet.

The signed document is sent automatically to the ERP!

Cloud compatible yes
Device Desktop, Mobile, tablet
Vertical All
Version number 1
Release date May 1, 2023, 2:26:00 PM
Relevant Priority Versions 21 and up
Country All
Zoom Compatible YES
Input language supported English, Hebrew
Interface language English, Hebrew
Last update May 1, 2023, 2:26:00 PM
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