Tovasolutions , serves Priority cloud ERP customers with a fast and seamless document scanning  solutions that is integrated into the Priority ERP system.

Following easy installation on the Priority user’s work station, the software prompts an automatic connection to the scanner. Tovasolutions' document scanning solutions work on both cloud and local servers. 

Tovasolutions offers scanning options for both external and internal Priority documents.

For external documents, users can scan any document type using a standard scanner connected to their work station. Scanned documents are uploaded as attachments directly into Priority, such as vendor/customer invoices, purchase orders, customer tasks, vendor/customer information cards, and more.

For internal documents, once they are scanned, they are uploaded automatically to Priority’s CRM. This option is ideal for scanning and processing customer invoices, and customer shipping certificates.


Zoom: 100 ILS per month 

Pro: 250 ILS per month


Set up is usually done with in an hour or two. An app needs to be installed on each computer using the solution. 

This solutions is a great solution for clients that want to scan to the Priority cloud. 

Zoom Compatible Yes
Country Global
Relevant Priority Versions 18 and Up
Release date May 1, 2020, 12:30:00 PM
Version number
Input language supported English, Hebrew
Interface language Compatible to Web interface
Vertical All
Device Desktop
Cloud compatible yes

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