Avalara’s tax compliance suite

By Avalara

More accurate, efficient, seamless
Sales tax compliance isn’t among your core business objectives. Rather, it’s a mandatory and
frustrating byproduct of running and growing a company — one you can overcome. Avalara’s tax
compliance suite enables businesses to automate sales tax calculations, electronically manage exemption
certificates, easily file returns in multiple states, and much more.

Avatax is prebuilt in to Priority US  and ready to use. 

Top 10 reasons to use Avalara
1. Comprehensive, end-to-end tax compliance automation
2. Geospatial systems for assigning tax jurisdictions by
geolocation, not by ZIP code, for more accurate jurisdictions
3. Extensive database of tax rules for thousands of products and
services with varying taxability requirements
4. Easy, automated return filing
5. Regularly updated rates, boundaries, and taxability rules
6. Centralized, secure management of sales tax data, exemption
certificates, and filing records
7. Address correction and validation (AVS)
8. Rapid deployment — 700+ pre-built and ready to use
connectors for seamless integration with ERP, POS, and
ecommerce applications
9. Easy-to-use interface for setup, management, and reporting
10. On-demand, out-of-the-box sales tax reporting capabilities

For more information and pricing: priority-orders@avalara.com

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