is a sophisticated cloud-based platform that works together with Priority to save you time by automating the collection, processing and archiving of invoices and bills.

DOKKA pulls all incoming invoices, maps them into fully structured journal entry recommendations in just 7 to 10 seconds, and then instantly uploads it into your Priority account.

Automated Invoice Processing

DOKKA extracts data from your documents and creates accurate journal entry recommendations.

Simply have your suppliers send invoices to your DOKKA email address and the software will do the rest: Analyze your documents within seconds and enter them into Priority with the click of a button.

The system uses a combination Smart OCR and Machine Learning to map data fields to your Priority entries and it even gets better over time by learning from you. 

Smart Document Management

DOKKA is also a document management system, allowing you to link documents into bundles just like paper clipping physical documents together and even add sticky notes and tags to all of your documents.

Finally take full control over your AP documents, with predefined folders for invoices with different statuses and a visual overview of every invoice in your workflow — instantly see which invoice is yet to be approved, which ones are approved or paid. 

Grid and List Views enable fine-grained control, while the Audit Trail adds an additional layer of insight and security. 

Streamlined Approval Flows

Need a workflow for a document to be approved? DOKKA takes it one step further by hard coding the signatures into the document itself.

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Trusted By 2,500+ Companies Worldwide

DOKKA processes millions of documents a month, from over 2,500 companies globally including NASDAQ-listed ones.


Built for speed and efficiency, DOKKA can be added onto your existing Priority workflow within one hour. No need for a Priority implementation specialist, as our team will quickly take you through the process without any work on your side. 


Pricing is usage based and depends on how many documents you're processing in a month. If you're interested in detailed information related to pricing, please fill out the form below to book a call with our team. 

For more information about DOKKA, and how we can enhance your Priority experience, visit our website at

Cloud compatible yes
Device Desktop and Mobile
Vertical All. Examples: Manufacturing, Retail, Telecommunications, Travel, eCommerce, Transportation & Automative
Version number 1.55
Release date Jan 3, 2017, 3:00:00 PM
Relevant Priority Versions 20 and up
Country All
Zoom Compatible Yes
Input language supported All including English and Hebrew
Interface language English, Hebrew
Last update Sep 2, 2022, 3:02:00 PM
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