Digital Assistant is using advanced Machine Learning and Conversational AI technologies to automate the routine processes and tasks for the organisation that run Priority ERP.

Start a conversation with Digital Assistant by using natural language. The will process your input, define the context, and then, if necessary, ask additional information or make the integration with Priority ERP and solve your query. has pre-built Digital Skills that can be activated within minutes. With pre-built digital skills, you do not need spent time on AI and ML training, only select a required skill, activate it, and start a dialog with

  • Get sales report by product
  • Get Customer turnover
  • Get Customer outstanding debt
  • Send invoice notification via email
  • Create reminders
  • Create sales order
  • Call customer contact person
  • Get direction to the customer
  • More skills…

Let us know and we will build new skills for you!

You can start using Digital Assistant within a few days.

FREE trial period is available for Priority ERP customers.

Zoom Compatible Yes
Country All
Relevant Priority Versions 18.3 and up
Last update Jan 1, 2020, 9:32:00 AM
Release date Apr 3, 2019, 9:31:00 AM
Version number 1
Input language supported English
Interface language English
Vertical All
Device Desktop and Mobile
Cloud compatible yes

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