Priority WMS is designed to serve as the operational core of businesses with high inventory turnover rates.  The system automates all work-flow processes and brings control to the warehouse environment. Priority WMS works to save time on operations, reduce labor costs and maximize utilization of warehouse space and resources. It provides full control of all inventory processes and allows on-the-go updating of inventory from a dedicated application for a range of mobile devices. Priority's WMS module integrates fully with the Priority ERP system, is easily implemented and requires no additional interfaces. This complete management solution supports all of Priority's built-in features, such as document printouts, labels, business rules, etc.


Core features and abilities

Pick, Pack & Ship

• Picking or shipping waves can be created for specific customers, orders or order items.

• A wave of tasks can be created to pack ordered items in preparation for shipment.

• A wave of pick tasks can be created for orders, based on delivery routes.

• Tasks can be limited to a maximum volume.


Receiving and Put-Away

• Goods received at the warehouse are checked against the Goods Received Voucher (GRV).

• Palleting tasks are linked to corresponding line items in the GRV.

• Actual received quantities are compared to planned quantities in an automated report.

• Vendor return documents are opened and itemized automatically based on GRVs.

• Put-away tasks can be generated by part, part family, storage area, turnover or number of different SKU’s in the same location.



• Replenishment waves are used to ensure sufficient inventory of fast-moving items in a given warehouse.

• Order-based replenishment waves are governed by stock level strategies, turnover strategies, storage

• area and more.

• Hot replenishment - instantaneous replenishment from a “next in line” storage bin - is activated as soon as employees are confronted with an empty bin while performing a pick task.

Version number 17, 17.1, 17.2, 17.3, 18, 18.1, 18.2
Input language supported Hebrew
Interface language Compatible to Web interface, Compatible to Windows interface
Device Mobile, Tablet

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