Field Sales App

This comprehensive tool for your field sales rep includes van sale, presale and CRM solutions for effective management of field sale processes.

Price Quotes

  • Display product catalog including images.
  • Update quotes and easily convert them into orders.


  • Display product catalog including images.
  • Process orders quickly.
  • Bill customers and manage payments.
  • Access up-to-date customer credit data.
  • View customer ledger and aging data and make informed decisions.


  • Manage general tasks and/or tasks for customers, on-the-go.
  • Report progress on tasks and projects, meetings, etc.


  • Manage contract review checklists.
  • Access and conduct customer satisfaction surveys.


  • Manage on-site return of goods: requests, authorizations and executions.

Shipping Documents and Invoices

  • Manage sales representative's inventory.
  • Create printouts of documents and invoices on-the-go.

Scheduling and Tracking Visits

  • Schedule visits with reps and customers.
  • Report results of visits within the schedule.
  • Track planned vs. actual meetings.

Target Management

  • Set monthly targets for reps/customers.
  • Evaluate targets based on orders or invoices.

Reports (for reps and managers)

  • Integrate custom-designed customer reports.
  • Offer full support of customer business processes (BPM).

Support of Custom Printouts

  • Define a printing program for each document from a selection of formats.
  • Run standard and custom reports for customers.

Version number
Input language supported Hebrew
Interface language Compatible to Web interface, Compatible to Windows interface
Device Mobile, Tablet

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