Hazardous Materials module

By Medatech

According to the Israeli Hazardous Materials Law, any company whose field of activity requires the management of hazardous materials must obtain a poisons permit from the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

The Hazardous Materials module developed by Medatech in Priority is designed to meet the need for managing these materials and allows companies to comply with the regulations and required approvals.

This module enables the management of poison permits through the Priority , including their validity, the details of the materials they contain, and the approved quantities for possession.

The system maintains the emergency cards for all hazardous materials items. it manages their validity, storage sites and warehouses within the company, and controls the quantities entering the warehouses against the Poison Permit.

This is a module that is deployed by Medatech directly within Priority.
All professional services are done by Medatech. 
Set up is usually about a week. 

Please contact the vendor for pricing.

Interface language English, Hebrew
Input language supported Hebrew, English
Zoom Compatible no
Country Israel
Relevant Priority Versions all
Version number all
Device Desktop
Cloud compatible yes

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