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Today, businesses lose up to two days a week manually updating the online catalogue and ERP-package[MO1] . Marcando eliminates this overhead by connecting directly to Priority.


Priority is already full of customer, order, price and article data. Marcando taps into this database and uses Priority as backbone in creating a very performative and efficient storefront. Every change in Priority is automatically synced to Marcando’s environment, and vice versa. This two-way connection enables the user to very efficiently create, implement and track changes in their e-commerce environment, without the hassle of having to check and update everything manually. 


The biggest advantage of the Priority-integration is the reduction of time spent on the manual implementation and cross checking of the order input from the online catalogue. Moreover, any orders placed via the Marcando storefront are automatically pushed to Priority, which further facilitates and streamlines order processing activities. Besides the immediate increase in returns related to e-commerce activities, this translates to lower costs related to order processing and human error.


Marcando is already mapped to Priority screens such as: Part catalog, Customers, Orders, Pricelists and more. 

On average, it takes six weeks from signing the contract to the e-commerce platform being fully operational.

However, given that the client already has all necessary material in Priority, onboarding time can be as short as one week. The time investment on the side of the Marcando client is about 10-15 hours.

This includes onboarding calls to cover the clients specifications for the project.

The onboarding is done by the Marcando Customer Success Manager. Of course, when it comes to Priority and questions related to Priority functionalities, it is always advised to involve a Priority expert and have your system integrator involved in the project. However, in principle, and given that the Priority environment has already been fully configured, the user should be able to configure the Marcando storefront without the need of additional Priority expertise.


Prices start at €295/month for a Priority-connected online catalogue, and at €395/month for a fully Priority-connected web shop. Our pricing model is built on the volume of orders processed per year or month , online ordering capabilities and advanced features plus a standard one-time onboarding fee. Marcando does not take a commission on sales through the platform. For a more detailed description of our prices visit our website.

Last update Feb 1, 2024, 3:46:00 PM
Interface language FR NL ENG
Input language supported FR NL ENG DU PL BUL
Zoom Compatible No
Country EMEA
Relevant Priority Versions 18.3 and up
Release date Feb 1, 2024, 3:46:00 PM
Version number 1
Vertical Wholesale, production
Device Mobile, PC, Mac, Tablet etc
Cloud compatible yes

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