At Regudo, we recognize that your organization’s growth relies on continuous learning, streamlined compliance, and seamless knowledge preservation. We know that training may not be your primary focus, but it’s essential for achieving your diverse goals and objectives.


That’s why we’ve engineered the ultimate cloud-based learning solution, crafted to elevate your organization’s learning experience effortlessly. Regudo’s intuitive and modular platform adapts to your unique needs, eliminating the hassle of IT infrastructure and prerequisites.


Tap into our expertly designed built-in tutorials , or integrate your existing content, embrace the future of organizational learning and take charge with Regudo – your all-in-one solution for growth and success.

Regudo can provide your organization off the shelf Tutorials. Such Tutorials cover areas such as: Organization culture (Whistle blowing, Diversity), Information security (compatibla to ISO 27000 requirments), Business Ethics and Emplyee Conduct (Anit bribery, sexual misconduct,  insider trading etc.),


The Regudo connector allows, Regudo LMS to be in sync with Priority Human Resources Module. It provides automated synchronizations of  employees to be trained by Regudo and connects Priority Courses to the online content available in Regudo LMS. The integration creates training schedule and automatic notifications to employees based on Priority Course definition and records completion of Regudo online training back to Priority Courses.


a.    Regudo connector requires Priority’s Human Resources module (part number 1034). The connector can read the Personnel list, Courses details and Course Participants and update Passed status in Priority for Courses associated with Regudo online training content.

b.    Implementation resources:

                                          i.    Implementation is done through an integration configuration screen in Regudo.

                                         ii.    Implementation can be done by the organization priority administrator or a Priority Integrator. For synchronizing Personnel from priority to Regudo an understanding of Priority Personnel properties is needed

(for example, knowing that email address field name in Priority is EMAIL or mobile phone is CELLPHONE).


Regudo LMS Basic subscription starting from USD 1800 annually. 

Last update Jul 24, 2023, 12:26:00 PM
Interface language English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Arabic, and Hebrew.
Input language supported all Languages
Zoom Compatible No
Country All
Relevant Priority Versions 18.3 and up
Release date Jun 1, 2023, 12:25:00 PM
Version number 1
Vertical All
Device Desktop, Mobile, tablet
Cloud compatible yes

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