Coralis Construction Module

By Coralis

Coralis Construction Module.

This Module enables contractors of various sizes  to manage their entire construction operation directly within Priority.

1.    The module includes the following capabilities:

a.    Contractor

                                          i.    Define different agreements: Fixed, milestone, quantitative, association to housing units, special conditions        such as delay, offset, down payment and price linkage to CPI.

                                         ii.    Establish change orders to the agreement in an easy and controlled manner.

                                        iii.    Effortlessly set partial accounts.

                                       iv.    Support for offsetting raw materials and work performed by another contractor to prevent double payments.

                                         v.    Clear separation between a submitted bill and a confirmed bill for the purpose of progress control.

                                       vi.    Payment tracking report.

                                      vii.    Accumulating projects report.

b.    Customer

                                         i. Define agreements and change orders  same as with the contractor.

                                          ii. Receipts tracking report.

                                         iii. Back-to-back control with the contractor.

                                         iv. Management of guarantees and collateral.

C.    Project Management

                                          i.    Management of tender releases and execution.

                                         ii.    Receipt of Bill of Quantities from SKN or Excel for immediate project pricing.

                                        iii.    Project budgeting by sections and inputs.

                                        iv.    Support for sub-tenders to sub-contractors: creating a price offer, comparing offers.

                                         v.    Full project status at all times.

D.     Budget control

                                          i.    Collection of actual costs and revenues to check compliance with the budget at each stage of the project.

Pricing: Contact Coralis for Pricing

Technical: Deployment is done by Coralis. usually takes a number of weeks to months depending on the scope of the project. 

Cloud compatible yes
Device Desktop
Vertical construction
Version number 1
Release date Aug 28, 2022, 4:39:00 PM
Relevant Priority Versions 19 and up
Country All
Zoom Compatible No
Input language supported all Languages
Interface language English, Hebrew
Last update Aug 28, 2022, 4:39:00 PM
Support during US time zone? No

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