Scheduling: Using Keepie Backoffice module and the integrated API connector to Priority you can easily schedule work orders for each and every work center on your production floor.

Production reporting: Each production station will receive the list of tasks to be preformed for each day of work. Further more, each station will be able to report back on the completion of the tasks assigned to them. They can also report on errors, split in orders and more.  All this using a vivid and simple UI accessible to your employees on the production floor.

QC: Paperless QC on the assembly line – reports can be generated for quality check ,assurance thus enabling you to analyze ineffective costs and COC reports

integrated  connectors: There is no need for data migration nor for an API license from Priority.  UsingKeepie all of your priority ERP modeling is automatically inserted into the back office including work center, process, parts and time scheduling for each process. Priority remains the only single source of truth so you do not need to worry about reconciliation the data between the two systems.


Keepie is usually installed within a day . No need for a Priority specialist to deliver this project. 


Pricing is per Named User starting from USD 50. 

Interface language Hebrew
Input language supported Hebrew
Zoom Compatible No
Country All
Relevant Priority Versions 18.3 and up
Last update Jul 1, 2022, 9:47:00 AM
Release date Jul 1, 2022, 9:47:00 AM
Version number 1
Vertical Manufacturing
Device Tablet, Desktop
Cloud compatible yes

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