Easy Order Entry

By Task-Ai

Task Automation has developed an intelligent tool named Easy Order Entry that works in conjunction with Priority to save you time and increase your efficiency by automating the orders data entry process. With Easy Order Entry your clients can automatically send an order directly into your Priority system. 


If you have to manage Dozens, hundreds or thousands of orders a day, you have to work with Easy Order Entry!

 Easy Order Entry:

  •     Saves time and manpower.
  •     Eliminates human error mistakes.

  •     Saves paper.
  •     Creates independence and transparency for the company's customers.
  •     Orderly proses- no lost orders.
  •     Fast response resulting in a higher level of customer experience.  
  •    Potential of increasing the number of customers and orders without the need to increase back office's staff.
  •     Works 24/7.


How it works ?

Easy Order Entry get orders from mail box or FTP library, read and extracts data from your client’s orders and creates the orders automatically and directly into Priority.

Transparent process for your clients : You will not request to any organization change from your clients, he will not know that you work automatically, he has just to send its orders to a specific mail box ( or send FTP files).

Task Automation’s Easy Order Entry will:

  •    get and open the order from the mail box ( or FTP files)
  •    recognize the client name
  •    read the order header
  •    read the order lines and extract data request to build the order process
  •    read and extract the delivery address and other requests
  •    enter all the extract data into Priority

all within seconds!


Easy Order Entry powered by ABBYY’s OCR.  according to Gartner review  ABBYY is the best OCR + AI tool in the world.


  • Data can be collected from a an email or a specified file location
  • Easy order entry syncs to the order screens in Priority
  • A local server is needed (2 giga memory, 2 cpu, 40 giga storage, Windows, VPN)

Implementation is done within an hour. The system learns the clients different formats and within days and continuously improves the OCR accuracy results. 

No need for an open API as this product fully syncs to Priority using a dedicated API key provided by Task AI.


  • Setup fee: NIS10K to NIS 30K dependent of the volume of customer templates that need to be setup.
  • monthly subscription: starting from NIS 1,500 and dependent on the volume of documents/ orders processed. 

Interface language English, Hebrew
Input language supported Hebrew, English
Zoom Compatible No
Country All
Relevant Priority Versions 18.3 and up
Last update Jun 30, 2022, 9:46:00 AM
Release date Jun 30, 2022, 9:46:00 AM
Version number 1
Vertical All
Device Desktop
Cloud compatible yes

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