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Kaveret CRM is designed to unify all your business information in one place.

  • Lead Management:  Kaveret CRM will provide full support for handling your business leads and increasing profits, consolidation of all leads various advertising channels, distribution to sales people, tracking and reminders on each lead and built-in automatic reminders using SMS or email with the option to create reports that will give you control and help you fix the weaknesses of your sales.

  • Customer ManagementForget the yellow post-it notes. All customer information, tasks, billing alerts, options for SMS reminders and automatic emails and other options that will give you all the tools to manage customers perfectly and not miss a single task.
  • Omnichannel platform: keep in contact with your clients on an array of platforms such as: WhatsApp, SMSs, social media Emails and more. Notify them on new sales, send them a greeting on their birthday and more. 

Besides Leads and Customers Kaveret CRM can manage your relationship with Suppliers,  and Business partners and more. 

With this user friendly system all correspondences, sales history, files, phone calls, SMSs, emails and more are kept at hand for easy retrieval.   

With the help of Kaveret CRM segmentation module, you can turn this information into tables and graphs to easily illustrate the customer health. Such information and dashboards include: new customers, customer cancellations including cancellation cause, Sales cycle insights and more.


The following process are already mapped to Priority and connect automatically to Kaveret CRM: customers, Invoices, orders, price lists and users.

Set up is done within one day and done by Kaveret CRM team only. 

Pricing: Pricing starting at 135 per user per month. Setup fee starting from 5K.  See updated pricing online at: https://kaveret.biz/en/pricing/

Interface language Hebrew, English
Input language supported Hebrew, English
Zoom Compatible No
Country Israel
Relevant Priority Versions 21 and up
Last update Apr 12, 2022, 1:12:00 PM
Release date Apr 12, 2022, 1:12:00 PM
Version number 1
Vertical All
Device Desktop, Mobile
Cloud compatible yes

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