Getruck - Logistics Management System

By Getruck

Getruck is a logistics management system specially designed to increase profits, reduce waste and save time and money; From order processing to logistics planning and dealing with the Bumps in the Road, all the way to the proof of delivery. 

Over 4,000 trucks, factories, vendors, and marketers are connected to our collaborative network and save up to 30 percent in distribution and shipping. 

  Save time and money using automation

  • Make route planning profitable and more cost-effective in just a few clicks.

  • Keep everyone along the way automatically updated: from the storekeeper to the forklift operator, the driver, and the end customer.

  • Forget about handling paperwork, all the certificates are digitized, signed, filed, and organized in the archive automatically

 Save on shipment costs

  • Getruck lets you pick the most cost-effective courier for every order - whether it be delivered with your driver, outside contractors, or by getting a quote from over 3,000 drivers connected to our network.

 Increase your profits using connectivity

  • Getruck helps you keep a full truck occupancy all the time by detecting shipments from our network which fit your trucks and existing routes perfectly.  

 Stay profitable even when issues occur

  • Getruck’s control room will help you stay efficient so you’ll always get the upper hand. Track your shipments, detect issues before they occur, and prevent losses in profits.

 How to get started? Simply connect.

  • Getruck easily connects to the already existing ERP systems in your organization in just a few minutes. No need for big changes or long implementation processes. Just plug and play.

Interface language English Hebrew
Input language supported English, Hebrew
Zoom Compatible No
Country Global
Relevant Priority Versions 18.3. and above
Last update Feb 9, 2022, 4:52:00 PM
Release date May 1, 2021, 4:52:00 PM
Version number 2
Vertical Manufaturing, Logistics, Distribution
Device Mobile, Tablet, Desktop
Cloud compatible yes

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