Mesh Payments provides organizations with a best-in-class B2B payment solution that offers complete control and full visibility over all corporate payments. Mesh transforms the way finance teams operate with a centralized and automated spend platform. It empowers finance managers with a whole new level of visibility over their entire business spend, equipping them with the insights they need to optimize and control corporate payments.


Mesh’s platform allows finance teams to issue both virtual and physical credit cards to employees, set any required limits, and collect receipts automatically, giving them full control and visibility over company spend while limiting time-consuming manual work like compiling reconciliation reports.


With this new collaboration, Mesh’s platform now seamlessly integrates with Priority, allowing organizations to close their books faster with an integration that automates accounting on the GL level. Account activity can be reconciled with one click. The platform offers many advanced custom fields, as well as multi-currency and multi-subsidiary support.


Mesh’s platform is free with the Pro plan and has a price per user in Premium and Enterprise plans as stated in our website. Additionally, Customers enjoy from cashback on all transactions. Implementing Mesh’s platform with integration to Priority can be completed within just one hour.

Mesh Core benefits:

Spend Optimization

Get tailored insights for your transactions, automation from request to reconciliation and powerful controls so you always optimize your spend.

Spend Controls

Approve, track and manage your corporate payments in real-time. Set spend limits, lock payments to vendors and cancel subscriptions in one click.

Real-Time Reporting

See every transaction as it happens, get automatic spend reports and tailormade insights on your payments at the right time.

Spend Insights

Get continuous insights at the right time that give you full visibility over all your payments.

Automated Payment Workflows

Automate your company payment workflow to save time and hassle. From approval flows, automatic receipt matching, to integrations, and more.

Pay the Way That Suits You

Make payments your way with Mesh virtual cards, Plug & Pay physical cards or mobile wallets.


Setup integration and onboarding takes 1 hour.

An API license is not provided here and clients are required to purchase this directly from Priority. 


Mesh’s platform is free with the Pro plan and has a price per user in Premium and Enterprise plans as stated in our website.

Interface language English
Input language supported English, Hebrew
Version number 1
Vertical All- However must have a US legal entity
Device Desktop and Mobile
Cloud compatible yes
Zoom Compatible No
Country Global (However requires US entity + US bank account)
Relevant Priority Versions 19.1 and up
Last update Dec 19, 2021, 12:42:00 PM
Release date Dec 19, 2021, 12:42:00 PM

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