Production Management: Doing it Right

The MESI platform is a single, all-in-one solution providing extensive capabilities for managing production via an innovative, simple-to-use interface. With the MESI platform, you can monitor and manage all factory and communication processes efficiently and cost-effectively, in real-time and from any location.
The platform is based on the management execution system (MES) developed for Elbit Systems and has been deployed for a number of years in Elbit factories in Israel and around the world.

With MESI you will:

Manage and execute your production processes to produce with maximum efficiency and transparently.
Identify and control manufacturing problems, such as malfunctions or bottlenecks.
Be able to analyze, track and report the production by a single unit—level, product, process, or project
Easily communicate with all levels of workers and machines in your production processes.
Integrate our platform to your ERP system without trouble.

Our Platform:

Innovative hybrid platform.
Convenient and sophisticated user experience.
Suitable for factories and manufacturers of any size, from single-unit production to mass production.
Cost and time-effective.

Segment's Expertise:

Quick and efficient platform customization to your company’s needs.
Easy implementation in your existing work environment.
High quality and effective performance, as testified by our many satisfied customers.

About Us:

Segment Information Technologies was established in the year 1999 and is a recognized leader in B2B solutions in Israel. The company is privately owned by Stav Shacham and Chen Shacham, who are senior reserve officers in Unit 8200 of the Israeli Intelligence Corps.

Our original idea, conceived over 20 years ago, was to develop smart, accessible, yet sophisticated, solutions for businesses that can be easily used and understood by everyone. Over the years, the idea has flourished, evolving into an international company with dozens of employees. Today, Segment serves numerous business communities and tens of thousands of clients and users around the world.

Segment provides a wide variety of solutions. In addition to a manufacturing execution system, we offer Customer-Vendor portals, an advanced B2B electronic messaging system for transferring and converting data between organizations (EDI), an invoice collection and management system, a customer traffic counting system, and more.

Please contact us for additional information or to see a demo of our platform. | +972-9-7439165, ext. 3

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Management Dashboard
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