Projects Budget Control – Construction

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The Projects Budget Control module is an extension of Priority's Project Management module. This module is not only used to manage the entire project, its revisions and execution; it is also used to create and control budgets as well as costs and, ultimately, profit.
  • Monitor and analyze financial and quantitative aspects of project resources.
  • Calculate outlay costs based on system documents and categorize them by project-defined types. For example, materials, subcontractors and overheads are categorized by:
    • Commitment (contracts and purchase orders
    • Actual expenditure (goods received, invoices)
  • Compare budgets, calculated accruals and actual costs during project progress.
  • Calculate projected final project expenses by category at any stage of the process:
    • Compare a current budget to its original budget.
    • Calculate projected expenses for different stages according to project progress.
    • Monitor online budget¬†expectations.
    • Monitor linkage and separate linkage expenses from total expenses.
  • Run detailed transaction reports using analysis tools.

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