Bidding Management

Vendor since: 2017 Vendor Products: 22

The Bidding Management module is an extension of the Project Management and Construction modules. The module enables management of the entire bidding process, starting from the initial tender to the final quote.
  • Update direct/indirect costs per bid
  • Generate requests for price quotations to multiple contractors from the same bid
  • Select a winning quote and assign its cost to the bid
  • Calculate indirect costs as percentages of direct costs
  • Automatically calculate prices according to pre-defined margins and indirect costs
  • Fix prices for specific area/sector of the project
  • Set prices according to “cost plus” policy per section, paragraph and article
  • Manage bid revisions
  • Export and import interface for SKN-formatted files
  • Create accurate estimates
  • Copy price lists from project to project
  • Manage sub-bids to sub-contractors
  • Generate sub-bids for price comparison
  • Compare sub-contractor price quotations
  • Calculate prices automatically according to pre-defined required margin and indirect costs

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